Are you graduating soon and you think you are not prepared to work in a clinic?
Are you frightened by the thought of being a solo vet?

Would you like to learn how to talk to clients so that they agree to the recommended diagnostics and treatment?

Be able to recognize and treat the most common cases?

We have prepared something special for you! 

intensive 12 week online course
for new graduate veterinarians and veterinary students


Week 1:
COMMUNICATION / SOFT SKILLS – Communication, creating a relationship with clients, what clients expect from you and analysis of veterinary consultation. How to protect ourselves and also how to handle difficult conversations.
Bonus: writing clinical notes – easy to use clinical note templates to save your time 

Week 2:
COMMUNICATION / SOFT SKILLS – Client’s personality vs. your own and consultation process, how to manage conversation about money and further diagnostic tests. Euthanasia step by step. What is the value of your service and what is important for your employer?

Week 3:
HEAD AND NECK – Clinical examination, diagnostics, clinical cases, making a diagnosis and treatment, workflow charts and the most common mistakes, basic surgery (eyes, oral cavity, ears, skin), dental treatments and why local anaesthesia is an important addition.
Bonus: mini-guide of head and oral cavity radiographs

Week 4:
SURGERY AND ANAESTHESIA – Diagrams and protocols, most common procedures such as routine surgeries, bite wounds and other types of wounds. Anaesthesiology – medications and protocols, how to use medication in a continuous infusion, also how to safely recover the patient from anaesthesia.
Bonus: exploratory laparotomy and how to stay calm when your surgery doesn’t go as planned 

Week 5:
THORAX – Clinical examination, diagnostics, clinical cases, making a diagnosis and treatment, workflow charts, protocols and the most common mistakes. A cat with severe shortness of breath and open mouth breathing and a dog in heart failure – what to do?
Bonus: calculating fluid therapy plan and thoracic radiology – a guide for beginners

Week 6:
ABDOMEN  – Clinical examination, diagnostics, clinical cases, making a diagnosis and treatment, workflow charts, protocols and the most common mistakes, differential diagnosis. What to do when you diagnose free fluid in the abdomen? Acute abdomen and whether every foreign body requires surgery?
Bonus: patient stabilisation, AFAST ultrasonography and abdominal radiography mini-guide 

Week 7:
LAMENESS AND ORTHOPEDICS – Most common cases, examination, diagnostics, making a diagnosis and treatment. What to do when you see a hit by car patient? Does every lame dog require x-rays?
Bonus: musculoskeletal radiography mini-guide

Week 8:
TOXICOLOGY – Common cases and differential diagnosis, diagnostics and treatment, protocols. When to use methocarbamol and can it paralyse the patient? What to do when we don’t know which toxin we are dealing with?

Week 9:
REPRODUCTIVE AND URINARY SYSTEM – Most common cases, examination, diagnostics and treatment, most common mistakes, workflow charts, routine surgeries and how to learn them. A cat with urethral obstruction – how to stabilise the patient in severe condition with bradycardia and hyperkalaemia: ECG, IVFT, medications, surgery?
Bonus: step-by-step spey and castration procedures

Week 10:
NEUROLOGY – Clinical examination, common cases – diagnosis and treatment. Is time important for spinal surgeries? Physical rehabilitation in patients. Neurology made easy.

Week 11:
REVISION – Mistakes made by lecturers when they were new graduates, more clinical cases and dealing with tricky clients.

Week 12:

What’s included:
– weekly online classes on Zoom with the use of presentations, photos and instructional videos (these are live meetings, NOT webinars)

– homeworks: clinical cases that will help broaden your knowledge. Each homework is individually checked by us 

– limited spots available

– materials: articles, protocols

– instructional videos and links to websites that helped us at work and during university

– access to our private Facebook group 

– the ability to ask anonymous questions

– final exams including information from classes and homework

– certificate after passing the examination

What can you gain from our course?

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What do the participants of the previous edition say about the course?

The "New Graduate Course" is an amazing course to systematize your knowledge. Both for those who are just finishing their studies and for those who return to the profession after a long break. It is a perfectly tailored and carefully prepared course in which our activity is really important. The information provided during each class is taken directly from the practice and complies with a new standards.

I can highly recommend that course!

Dr Małgorzata Winecka Sahingoz


Participation in the course allowed me to systematize my knowledge, especially practical knowledge.

The division into topics allows you to fully focus on the topic. Knowledge is presented in a clear and orderly way. Topics are dealt with on a case-by-case basis which translates the problem into the patients encountered.

Each meeting is supplemented with additional materials available during the classes. Additionally, the English version helps you with medical vocabulary. The girls are very sweet and helpful, they are happy to answer every question, even if you are ashamed to ask them live! 🙂
I strongly recommend it !!!

Aleksandra Chec


Translated from Polish: "I'm finishing my studies, I feel like I can't do anything, what should I do?" This course is designed for those people! Last year students who want to prepare for practice now, to sort out this chaos in their heads and learn how to analyze owners and patients, will also find their way into it. And also young doctors - like me - will be delighted with it. 🙂

Classes are live! This is great because it is a meeting where questions, answers and explanations are asked. It is not a ready-made recording for listening, but a real meeting, and you can really ask about everything, no stupid questions. 🙂 I especially appreciate all the tricks that Dr. Patrycja and Dr. Magda share with us during meetings, these are the "mini life savers" that they got from the Australian clinics where they worked. We also have printable notebooks and this saves a lot of time when listening

We are given homework after each class - clinical cases! We play the role of a doctor and one by one we come to the solution of the puzzle, thanks to which the girls check our way of thinking, our decisions and treatment proposals. They check our scribbles and send back with a comment and solution.

Goodness Disk - as course participants we have access to a disk with additional materials. There are articles, videos, protocols helpful at work :)) Materials are uploaded every class and concern the topic being studied, also every week a new portion of knowledge to be redone. Thanks to this, learning does not end with a 2-hour course, but we work all week.

We have full support not only during the lessons, but also after them! We have a group on Facebook, where we post our cases from work, internships, private pets and consult them with the group, with the teachers.

Dr Roksana

IG @doktor_roksana

"Hi girls,
since this is the end of the course, I would like to thank you. Thank you both for this opportunity to participate once again (you can't even imagine how grateful I am) and for your contribution and commitment. I tried to get the most out of each module and diligently do my homework, which allowed me to remember a lot of information, assimilate it, and made me think outside the box. Your course helped me change my clinical approach and my thinking about myself as a future doctor, now I am less afraid of it. 🙂 You are doing a good job and I have already recommended the course to my friends with a clear conscience and I can recommend it to other young doctors or people in their last years of study."

Aleksandra Chomont

Veterinary student

"For me, this course as a 4th year student was a confirmation that this is how I want to do my profession! You have become a great motivation and role model. Thanks to the participation in the course, I expanded my knowledge by 1000%. But it was not only knowledge, but also the ability to think, create differential diagnoses and treatment plans. The enormity of cases gave the opportunity to verify knowledge, but also logical thinking. If you devoted yourself entirely to participation in the course, you could gain a huge amount of knowledge and skills. I have something to work on all the time thanks to you girls! I am very grateful to you! And I am glad that I gained such acquaintance for years! It's really hard to say thank you for your invaluable support and patience!"

Agnieszka M.


With this course, I definitely feel more confident during my internship. I am not a doctor yet, but I managed to suggest a few things in the clinic I go to. In addition to the typical medical knowledge, I have learned a lot how to deal with different types of clients and not to be afraid of them. At first, the vision of advising someone in the clinic terrified me. I am not sure of myself yet, but it is easier for me to have such conversations. At no stage in my studies have I come across how to talk to owners about difficult topics, such as euthanasia or medical costs. I got a lot of tips from you! THANK YOU !

Anonymous opinion

Veterinary student

Your commitment is amazing. You are very helpful and always trying to help! You probably haven't missed any questions from the poll or the group on Facebook. The course has made me know exactly what is going on here and I am not lost. The only thing I haven't done is homework because I'm very thorough and slow as well.

Anonymous opinion


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